The Fall semester is well underway and we at BCM have made sure to take advantage of every ounce of the extension of summer weather.  We’ve been working hard to connect with students on campus through campfires (and s’mores!), tailgating home football games for our 5-0 Duke Dogs, handing out freezee pops, and hosting a 3v3 basketball tournament at UREC.  We’ve also been discussing a topic that leaves every person with a sense of wonder and bewilderment: Identity.  Our identity is rooted in something, but what is it?  Who can we ask for guidance?  Where is our “home plate” we can come back to?  These aren’t easy questions, but we’re wrestling with them, nonetheless.  

Last week, we finished up our “Who Am I?” series that helped us learn how to remind ourselves we are instituted, imperfect, and invited Children of God.  Beginning this week, we venture into our next series: Scary Close.  It’s one thing to know of somebody, but it is a completely unique and different thing to know somebody intimately. Often we find our relationship with God, others, and ourselves strained because we merely know of them.   In contrast, we’re called to experience and embrace the often messy – always scary – intimacy of relationships. Ever thought your relationships need a revamp or a jolt to take them from acquaintance to lifelong friend?  You’re not alone and we aren’t shying away from this crazily daunting idea of intimate relationships.  
Join us Thursday night for food at 6:19 PM, then worship at 7 PM, where we will discuss what it looks like to be in a Scary Close relationship with God.
Chris Wondree
Campus Minister

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