Something that I have been looking for this past summer has been a small group–one outside of BCM. I think it can be easy for me to use my time at BCM as a means of my own spiritual growth. While that seems to be a positive thing on the surface, my responsibilities this semester (and in past semesters while interning) have put me much more in a behind-the-scenes/production mode rather than in a receiving mode. That sort of dynamic makes sense from a bird’s eye view–that a staff person would be more of a person who helps with the logistics of the experience rather than fully receiving the experience themselves (I stress “logistics” because it is God who creates the experience!), but I have found myself in the trap of trying to both do and receive simultaneously, perhaps forgetting that my role, especially now, is on the “putting things together” end of the ministry.

While I get a great deal out of BCM, I have been fortunate enough to find a small group and not be concerned with what needs doing in relation to the ministry. I can simply go and ​get something without thinking about what needs to be done on my end. And I don’t view “getting” as something selfish or lazy; quite the opposite! In order to help fill others or fill in other areas, people need to be filled themselves, and that has been consistent with my small group experience. Just a group of people, around my age, outside of any other responsibilities I have, allowing me to just sit and take in Jesus.

Brandon Hawley
Associate Campus Minister


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