This is my fourth year as the college/young adult ministry intern at Harrisonburg Baptist Church, and during the majority of that time, we have had college lunches. To me, and I hope to everyone else, these lunches have done more than just feed students, but have allowed students to experience what it’s like for people not their age and likely not people with whom they would interact on a daily basis to open up their home for part of an afternoon and serve them. 

Cultivating a healthy intergenerational environment between college students/young adults and members of other generations, both older and younger, is essential to have a healthy church, and I get as much out of these lunches as I hope everyone else is getting. We are in our 3rd or 4th year now of these lunches, and have probably been doing our lunch/discussion format–same place every week–for probably a year or less overall. It is great seeing these lunches become something really special. Whatever outer layer of awkwardness of being in someone else’s home, using their bathroom, wondering if you’ve tracked any dirt onto their carpet, etc., originally existed, it has since given way to laughter around the lunch table and many bags of leftovers to take home. It is a couple of hours each week to truly sit together, eat together, and talk about Jesus–a beautifully simple and filling thing, and I think one of everyone’s favorite parts of the week.

Brandon Hawley
Assoc. Campus Minister


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