Matthew 18:20 says that “For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them” (NRSV); though, for our first BCM 6:19 meeting, one might have added, “…with your blemishes and all”.  As many of you I am sure know, we are undertaking some renovations at the BCM center–the majority of which started at the end of the summer and are continuing. Renovations are a messy process, and while we do not have a Chip or Joanna, we have a willingness and determination and excitement to improve the building that has provided so many wonderful experiences in our ministry.

Additionally, our building has had, from time to time, “structural challenges”–one of which literally burst into being the day of our first BCM meeting. A pipe had burst, along with an ongoing leak in the boiler room, and maintenance people would not be able to fix it by Thursday evening. And so not only was it raining outside (as it had been all summer), but it

was raining inside as well. With these new obstacles, it might have been easy for us to be uneasy about how the first 6:19 meeting of the year would go. This, of course, was in the midst of our renovations: painting, staining where old carpet once was, a collection of paper towels, brushes, and old paint cans–all displayed under the dim and flickering lights of our worship room. And, once 6:19 rolled around and everyone shuffled in wet and late from an on-campus dinner, all of that was still there (plus a fan for air circulation).  

But we were there and so was God. The scene was far from polished and put together, but it all faded into the background as more and more people began filing in, ready to worship. The BCM center was not displaying a flawless, contemporary worship aesthetic, but our hearts couldn’t tell the difference. In the midst of imperfection starting with the 1,000th rain of the summer to the water still dripping from the ceiling of the men’s restroom, people showed up–a lot of people; and most importantly God showed up, with our blemishes and all.

Brandon Hawley
Associate Campus Minister


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