This week’s devotional is pulled from that recruits ministers across the nation to write a devotional that flows from […]
But we were there, and so was God. The scene was far from polished and put together, but it all faded into the background as more and more people began filing in, ready to worship.
  This is my fourth year as the college/young adult ministry intern at Harrisonburg Baptist Church, and during the majority […]
...I don’t view “getting” as something selfish or lazy; quite the opposite!
I sank into the depths of my thoughts, scrounging for something familiar and profound... I found nothing.  I simply prayed, "Lord. I don't know what to pray, but you know what I'm thinking.  Just... formulate the words I need."
We’re back… from Summer camps, classes, beach weeks, road trips, work, sleeping in, staying up late with old friends, and […]
Relationships.  We all have them.  Whether we invite them in or not, they are woven across every inch of the […]
Thanks for tuning in! Last week, we started our new series, Scary Close.  In this series, we’re engaging what Scripture […]
The Fall semester is well underway and we at BCM have made sure to take advantage of every ounce of […]
Welcome to our page! We’re in the process of updating/rebuilding what this looks like, so please share some much needed […]