What are you doing May 7-11? Join us for a week of missions in Baltimore, MD!

This May, we are joining with a local church in the Baltimore area to help with local mission initiatives.  The church is deeply involved in the urban community and is looking for our help to maintain and participate in ways that they have allowed God to work through them.  Instead of taking a group to a mission site where they take care of a one-and-done opportunity, we are sending a group to take part in the active work God is continuously doing in the Baltimore community.

In order to get the most out of this trip, the group will be meeting 3 times prior to departure.  These meetings will consist of learning a bit about the Baltimore culture we will be stepping into, how it is part of God’s Kingdom, how our hands and feet can become the hands and feet of Jesus, and group dynamics.  These meetings aren’t only highly recommended, they are mandatory, so before you register, make sure you are able to dedicate about 1-2 hours a week to prepare mentally and spiritually for this mission opportunity.

Cost: $175/person (There are fundraising opportunities to make this trip possible. Don’t let funds be the reason you choose not to go.)

Don’t wait!  Register now! Registration ends April 6 and meetings will begin that weekend!

Register here! 

This is an important part of the trip to create unity and excitement within the team traveling. It's not only highly recommended, but mandatory to take part in the preparation part of this mission trip.

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Chris Wondree
Campus Minister for BCM@JMU